Facebook phone coming soon.

the issue about the presence of mobile phones up back into the conversation even though Facebook has denied this. In fact, it’s been present when the phone up. Do not be fooled once, this is the story behind the phone up the truth. Rebuttal up that the company did not launch a mobile phone is correct. Well, is touted as the ‘phone up’ here is made by the INQ phones, mobile phone manufacturers based in London,England.

Cloud INQ INQ has introduced the Touch, a smartphona Android that is designed specifically for deeply integrated with Facebook. Cloud Touch even claimed to be the first mobile phone that offers up a comprehensive integration. This then makes it dubbed the phone up.

INQ mobile phones running on Android operating system 2.2 or Froyo,has many Android applications, widgets and links that connect it to jump up very easily. But unfortunately, this device does not seem too tough. Only supported by Qualcomm 7227 chipset 600MHz speed, making left superior than most smartphones currently using 1GHz Snapdragon. Other specifications of the handset to be released in quarter two 2011, 4 MB memory capacity and can be extended. On his body buried 5 Megapixel camera, 1300mAh battery powered and battery-powered HGVA 3.5 inch touch screen

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